Are There Benefits to Using a Car Wrap on Leased Vehicles?

by | Mar 30, 2021 | car wraps, digital printing

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Car wrapping is an excellent way to spread the word about your company. Many people wonder if you can take advantage of the advertising tool when you lease a car or truck. It may be possible to car wrap while leasing a vehicle in NYC. In fact, you may benefit from wrapping a leased vehicle. Read on to learn about the benefits of using a car wrap on leased cars and trucks.

Your Lease Charges for Paint Damage

Your lease agreement requires you to maintain the vehicle in all forms. Such is the reason why you are required to come in for all scheduled services.

You also need to maintain the external aspect of your vehicle. Paint blemishes and dents cost extra money when the lease term ends, and you decide to return the vehicle. Some car owners shy away from a car wrap for fear of the advertising approach leading to paint damage. You do not have to be so concerned about paying extra because of exterior blemishes, though.

Car Wraps Do Not Damage the Paint

Traditional advertising using paint will certainly damage your leased vehicle and lead to higher fees at the end of your contract. A car wrap or custom car graphics is nothing like traditional paint.

One main reason business owners migrate towards car wrapping is the minimal amount of damage the marketing tool causes to the vehicle. In fact, a good car wrap does not damage a car’s paint job because there is nothing pasted on the vehicle.

Your car or van wrap is more like a sticker and less like bonding paint. Traditional paint bonds with the vehicle and leaves permanent marks. A sticker does not bond with the vehicle’s paint, so there is no damage when you remove the adhesive from the surface. You can attach the advertisement for your lease’s life and remove the wrap before taking your car back to the dealer.

Fleet Wraps Protect the Investment

Not only does a car wrap not damage your vehicle, but there are instances in which the covering guards against external damage.

Bad weather damages paint. Chips and dings that come with wear and tear are typically overlooked by the leasing company. Nevertheless, it is possible to have too much minor damage, which ultimately leads to additional costs.

Car wraps shield your vehicle’s paint job by serving as a cover. Objects in the road are, therefore, less likely to damage the body of your car, truck, or van. In this sense, vehicle graphics promote your company while also protecting your investment.

A car or van wrap can help you in more ways than a few. Contrary to some beliefs, it is safe to invest in such a marketing tool while leasing a vehicle in NYC.

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