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Car Wrap Services in New York City

One Source Media vinyl car wraps allow you to transform the appearance of your sports car, sedan, truck, SUV, or other vehicle. Whether you’re into camo, hot pink, nardo grey, or matte black—or any of hundreds of other designer colors and patterns—One Source Media can give your vehicle a classy new look with a color change car wrap.

Change Your Car’s Appearance with a Second Skin!

One Source Media’s vinyl wraps allow you to quickly and affordably give your car a fresh new look. Whether you’re into carbon fiber, camo, hot pink, nardo grey, carbon fiber, or matte black. Or any of hundreds of other designer colors and patterns. Your wrapped vehicle will showcase your personality and preferences in a way that factory paint never could!

Custom Vehicle Graphics

If custom printed graphics are your thing, One Source Media can create a one-of-a-kind graphic wrap for your vehicle.

Business owners can promote their brand in New York City by wrapping their company fleet vehicles to transform them to mobile billboards. Custom vehicle wraps provide you the chance to promote your brand or sponsors through your business vehicle with a constant advertisement on wheels that will attract the attention of anyone passing by—all for a one-time fee.

One Source Media offers a choice of vehicle wraps and graphics, including personalized car signage in your company colors that can be mounted to your car or van, colorful product photos, and full-vehicle wraps that display your messaging on all sides of your vehicle for maximum visibility.

Our Car Wraps are Better than Paint

One Source Media car wraps are more cost-effective than repainting your vehicle, and give you far more flexibility. With so many colors and finishes, the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose matte olive green, satin sky blue, or gloss metallic white, your ride is guaranteed to look amazing!

Vehicle Wraps New York City

One Source Media can provide both partial and full vehicle wraps that are always of great quality and cost-effective. For our customers in New York City, we are masters at creating and designing personalized automobile wraps.

We offer a wide range of options, superior materials, crystal coating, paint protection, window tinting, innovative designs, dependability, and great service. The possibilities for vehicle wraps are boundless with such a large selection to pick from.

A vehicle wrap from New York City’s number one vehicle wrap shop will give your vehicle a unique look. With a wide range of colors to choose from in our shop, as well as an endless number of custom color and graphic combinations to choose from, come in and see for yourself!

One Source Media is happy to offer high-quality vinyl wraps and outstanding graphics for a wide range of cars and applications.

  • Truck Wraps
  • Van Wraps
  • Trailer Wraps
  • Fleet Wraps
  • RV Wraps
  • ATV Wraps
  • Camper Wraps
  • Boat Wraps

Vinyl Wrap New York City

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic with the broadest range of applications of any other plastic. Vinyl is moisture and humidity resistant. It is an extremely robust and long-lasting plastic. Vehicle vinyl wraps are available in a wide range of colors, both translucent and solid. Vinyl is a low-cost, high-quality material to manufacture. 

  • Carbon fiber vinyl wrap
  • Avery Dennison vinyl wrap
  • 3M vinyl wrap
  • Nardo Grey vinyl wrap
  • Color change vinyl wrap
  • Satin metallic vinyl wrap
  • Window film graphics
  • Custom vehicle graphics
  • Custom car decals

Based in Queens, Serving All of New York City

One Source Media recently remodeled our flagship College Point location and service every type of vehicle here, from corporate fleets to sports cars to buses, food trucks, offroad vehicles, race cars, or luxury SUVs. If it has wheels and the factory paint is in decent shape, we can cover it with our luxurious vinyl wraps.

Even though we are based in Queens, we serve clients across New York City, from Manhattan to Brooklyn to the Bronx.

One Source Media Vinyl Wraps is a short drive from The Bronx across Whitestone Bridge, or an equally short distance from Brooklyn. We are accessible from Manhattan and Staten Island as well!

We also serve all of Westchester County with car wraps and vehicle graphics out of our Mt Vernon, NY location!

Custom Car Wraps New York City

A vinyl vehicle wrap is all about personal expression, and One Source Media is at the forefront of the industry, delivering fully customizable automotive vinyl wraps and graphics. One Source Media is a full-service New York City vehicle wrap company that offers bespoke styles and designs for cars, trucks, RVs, vans, and other vehicles. 

Our designers can create a one-of-a-kind wrap for your vehicle that will make it the focal point of attention. Our low-cost personalized automobile wrapping services let you flaunt your personal style on every street you pass.

Tell us what you want and leave the rest to the renowned New York City custom wrap installers at One Source Media. Using the highest-grade vinyl wrap film in gorgeous, vivid colors, we’ll have you turning heads on the streets of New York City in no time.

Car Wrap Design New York City

When it comes to personalizing your custom vinyl vehicle wrap design, the options are unlimited at One Source Media.

A color change car vinyl wrap allows you to transform your car without repainting it. Instead of painting your vehicle, color change wraps allow you to alter the entire color of it to the color and finish of your choice. You don’t like the color of the car? It’s as simple as picking a color and wrapping it around the OEM paint job. This allows you to design your own personal style for your vehicle.

These vinyl films are ideal for completely changing the color of your automobile or simply adding highlights to your roof, hood, mirrors, door handles, chrome trim pieces, interior, and other locations.

If you want a printed design, custom car decal, or full vehicle graphics, One Source Media does that as well, from design through installation!

The following are some of our most popular custom vehicle wrap designs:

    • Color change car wraps

    • Camo car wraps

    • Matte vinyl wraps

    • Gloss vinyl wraps

    • Rainbow oil slick styles

    • Holographic car wraps

    • Glow in the dark wraps

    • Satin vehicle wrap styles

    • Brushed car wraps

    • Metallic wraps

    • Chrome car wraps

    • Iridescent car wraps

    • Nardo Grey car wraps

    • Carbon fiber car wraps

    • Chrome delete

    • Satin metallic wrap

    • Gloss black vinyl wrap

    A Wide Variety of Car Wrap Services

    Want your entire car wrapped in a sparkling new color? We can do that. Maybe just a partial wrap? For example, the hood, fenders, mirrors, emblems, taillights, or other components? We can wrap specific portions to give them a nice accent against your car’s paint.

    Whether you choose a full or partial car wrap, our professional installation will create a stunning look.

    One Source Media Vehicle Wrapping Options

    • Color change wrap
    • Chrome delete
    • Carbon fiber wrap
    • 3M wrap
    • Avery Dennison wrap
    • Truck wrap
    • Wrap advertising
    • Camo car wrap
    • Custom vinyl decals
    • Boat wrap
    • Window tinting

    Vinyl Car Wrapping Explained

    One Source Media car wrap involves us covering your vehicle’s paint with specialized polyvinyl chloride designed and manufactured for automotive applications by top vinyl brands such as 3M and Avery Dennison.

    Wrapping a vehicle involves the application of this specialty vehicle vinyl that we carefully adhere to the panels of your car: the hood, mirrors, doors, grille, fenders, roof, rocker panels, decklid, and bumper covers.

    1. We thoroughly examine your paint to ensure it’s not damaged and that it’s in good enough condition to receive the vinyl material.
    2. We thoroughly clean your paint to remove all dust, grime, and contaminants so that nothing will compromise the adhesion of the vinyl to the painted surface
    3. We carefully apply the vinyl material with specialty tools, smoothing it and removing any bubbles
    4. We allow the wrap to set and inspect it periodically to ensure that there are no issues with adhesion.

    Car Wrap Design New York City

    When it comes to personalizing your custom vinyl vehicle wrap design, the options are unlimited at One Source Media.

    A color change car vinyl wrap allows you to transform your car without repainting it. Instead of painting your vehicle, color change wraps allow you to alter the entire color of it to the color and finish of your choice. You don’t like the color of the car? It’s as simple as picking a color and wrapping it around the OEM paint job. This allows you to design your own personal style for your vehicle.  

    These vinyl films are ideal for completely changing the color of your automobile or simply adding highlights to your roof, hood, mirrors, door handles, chrome trim pieces, interior, and other locations.

    If you want a printed design, custom car decal, or full vehicle graphics, One Source Media does that as well, from design through installation!

    Vinyl Wrap Colors New York City

    When it comes to colors, One Source Media offers hundreds of designer colors. You may even mix and match colors, as well as choose between matte, satin, or glossy finishes. Some examples are as follows:

    • Matte black car wrap
    • Gloss black vinyl wrap
    • Purple car wrap
    • Blue chrome vinyl wrap
    • Rugged Bedrock Gray
    • Matte Dark Gray
    • Indigo car wrap
    • Matte red car wrap
    • Gloss black vinyl wrap
    • Black carbon fiber wrap
    • Satin military green
    • …and much more!

    Car wraps can Help Protect Your Original Paint

    A wrap protects your paint job from UV exposure, bird droppings, hard water deposits, road salt, tree sap, and other corrosives.

    While not as robust as clear bra (Paint protection film) at deflecting road debris at high speeds, vehicle wraps nevertheless do offer a layer of protection between your factory paint and the hostile outside world and its elements.

    In the future, if you decide to remove the wrap, your vehicle’s paint is in the same condition it was when you first installed the wrap. It’s like a time capsule for your factory paint.

    Here’s a tip: if you want to extend the life of your car wrap, have One Source Media cover it in a ceramic coating. Ceramic is ultrahard and extends the life of whatever surface we apply it to.

    Protection and good looks for a single investment? Sounds like a winning combination to us!

    The Highest Quality Vinyl Wrap Work

    One Source Media uses only the highest quality vinyl wrap brands:

    • The 3M Company: a top-tier manufacturer
    • Avery Dennison: another top vinyl brand
    • Ceramic Pro: first-class ceramic coatings and paint protection film

    Additionally, we use only trained installation technicians with extensive application experience.

    Our focus on quality ensures that no matter which wrap finish you choose, it will look good for years to come!

    One Source Media Customer Service

    Here at One Source Media, we value every one of our vinyl car wrap customers and go the extra mile to take care of them. Customer service is top of mind on every project we do. We work hard to deliver the best vinyl wraps service for your personal or business vehicle and be the top installer in the New York City market specifically the following areas:

    • Car Wraps Brooklyn NY
    • Car Wraps Bronx NY
    • Car Wraps Westchester NY
    • Car Wraps Manhattan NY

    A Wide Variety of Car Wrap Services

    Many vinyl wrap brands, including 3M, Avery, Hexis, Oracal, KPMF, and Inozetek, are known for their reliability and suitability for your vehicle.

    If you’re contacting a vinyl wrap installer, the wrap shop and the installer will normally decide which wrap vinyl film to use. However, subject to availability, you may request that a specific brand be utilized on your project.

    Best Car Wrap Colors and Designs

    Smart car owners want to safeguard their investment while also modifying the aesthetics of their vehicle, and a car wrap can do just that.

    Your car’s color might reveal a lot about your personality. Are you light and airy, or dark and enigmatic? Choosing a wrap is simple; selecting a color will take a little more effort, but it is entirely up to you.

    The many varieties of vehicle wrap designs include Gloss, Gloss Metallic, Matte, Matte Metallic, Satin, Super Gloss, Texture, Special Effects, and Chrome. These will cost differently, but it’s vital to understand the many sorts of finishes so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

    To pick the proper color, consider what colors you like (aside from knowing the basic meaning of colors), whether you want more than one color, and why you want to replace your vehicle’s original paint job. With the help of the vehicle wrap company’s recommendations, you’ll be able to determine the perfect wrap color for you.

    3M Car Wrap New York City

    Changing the exterior of your automobile can be a fun and inexpensive way to improve its appearance and visibility. While a new coat of paint is expensive, there are other, less expensive ways to alter the body of your car. Vinyl vehicle wraps are low-cost, easy-to-install options that allow you to decorate your car, truck, or SUV in a variety of ways, permanently or semi-permanently.

    Your vehicle wrap should be nothing short of spectacular, so choose One Source Media for all of your vehicles. One Source Media is pleased to provide you only the highest-quality vinyl wraps and films for your vehicle. You’ll be delighted with clean and perfectly placed parts regardless of the automotive wrap project, whether it’s installing vehicle stripes or some creative car graphics.

    Not all vehicle wrapping firms in New York City offer the same level of technological expertise as we do. Your vinyl wrap tasks are safe in the hands of our car wrap shop, as all of our employees are 3M recommended and certified. 

    We stand by our 3M premium vinyl films because we believe there is no better choice in terms of quality, convenience, and value. Additionally, 3M manufactures specialist adhesives for vehicle upgrades and maintenance. For high-performance VHB foam tape adhesives, paint protection films, and headlight repair kits—all the accessories you need to keep your vehicle looking fantastic—3M is the ideal choice.

    It can be utilized as a temporary or permanent solution to change the appearance of your vehicle. Vehicle wrapping material is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

    Avery Dennison Wrap New York City

    Many drivers regard their automobiles as a kind of high-speed self-expression, and fleet vehicles benefit from a consistent style. Custom paint colors can be beautiful, but they can also be expensive and time demanding.

    Avery Dennison’s wrap is a simple, quick, and affordable solution for drivers and businesses to accent, update, or entirely transform the appearance of a vehicle while protecting the original paint from stone chips and “wear and tear.”

    The SW900 Series from Avery Dennison is designed to provide the best wrapping experience and professional results. With an unequaled color palette, Avery Dennison’s Supreme Wrapping film will give your car, truck, or SUV a one-of-a-kind style you won’t find anywhere else. ColorFlow films, Gloss and Matte Metallic wraps, Brushed or Carbon Fibers with actual, three-dimensional grains you can feel are all options.

    One Source Media is an Avery Dennison certified wrap installer in New York City. Avery Dennison wraps are highly conformable, durable, and stylish. They stick to surfaces that are curved, uneven, or corrugated.

    Contact One Source Media Vinyl Wraps!

    If you are a New York City vehicle owner and have questions about our car wraps, truck wraps, color change, chrome delete, or carbon fiber vinyl wraps, please contact us at (929) 205-1088 or email us at contact@osmnyc.com.

    We are happy to answer any and all questions about our prices and services.

    We look forward to hearing about your project and how we can help you achieve a custom vehicle style that you absolutely love!

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    Car Wrap F.A.Q.

    Here’s where we answer the frequently asked questions that come in from our customers. If you don’t see your question answered here, email us at contact@osmnyc.com and we can add your question to this list!

    How much does car wrapping cost?

    The cost of a car wrap is entirely dependent on the vehicle make and model, and also on the type of vinyl wrap you’re looking for. Larger vehicles, as well as ones with more complex curvatures, cost more to wrap. Likewise, wrap finishes, such as chrome, for which the material itself is more expensive will cost more. Lastly, car wraps cost more when we wrap within the door jambs.

    With all of these caveats, an average cost for a car wrap is often in the range of $3,000 to $3,500. To get an exact estimate on your vehicle, give One Source Media Vinyl Wraps a call at (929) 205-1088 so we can discuss the specifics of your car wrap needs!

    How long does a car wrap last?

    Car wrap longevity depends on a variety of factors, including sun exposure, atmosphere, washing frequency, and so on. Wraps don’t last as long on cars that are driven every day and exposed to the sun. With this level of wear and tear, the life expectancy may be as low as two years.

    But even something as easy as parking in the shade will significantly extend the life of your vehicle wrap, bringing it to about three or four years. Wraps on vehicles that are used less often will last up to seven years. A vehicle wrap’s average lifetime is around five years under normal conditions.

    Is it worth it to wrap your car?

    A vinyl wrap is the preferred method of vehicle advertising since it is less expensive than a custom paint job and provides much more design and finish options.

    Wrapping your car with vinyl usually takes three days of installation, compared to a usual paint job. This is a good consideration if you only have your car as your means of transportation.

    Vinyl also has the advantage of being able to be removed without scratching the paint underneath. Since the paint has been shielded from the weather, the paint that is revealed when the vinyl is removed would appear as fresh as the day it was wrapped.

    Do car wraps come off easily?

    Yes, vehicle wraps are easy to remove.

    The removal process is simple if the vehicle has been covered with high-quality car wrap vinyl such as 3M and Avery Dennison. A heat source, ideally a heat gun, an experienced personnel, and a lot of patience are all that is needed.

    What are the benefits of wrapping your car?

    If you are still doubtful as to whether to get car wrap or not, this is a list of benefits that might help you:

    • Vinyl car wraps are fully removable and cover your OEM paint.
    • By removing the wrap, you can return the car to its original color.
    • A vinyl vehicle wrap is much less expensive (about half the price of a comparable paint job).
    • A Vehicle vinyl wrap gives you a lot of pattern options that are not possible with paint, such as Camouflage, carbon fiber, etc.
    • When properly cared for, vinyl car wraps will last as long as, if not longer than, paint.
    • You can either wrap the entire or just portions of the car.
    • Gives your car a fresh look by hiding marks and tiny chips.

    Increases the resale value of your vehicle. Your paint will be in the same condition when you remove it as it was when it was wrapped. As a result, having perfect paint on your car would increase its resale value. Because of questions about a potential prior crash, a repainted car usually reduces the value of your vehicle.

    Can you wrap a car with dents?

    While you can wrap over dents and dings, the damage is likely to show through the Vehicle vinyl wrap. In reality, since the car wrap adheres so tightly, hail damage and scratches are as visible as without the vinyl.

    It’s advisable then to have your car fixed first from any dents or paint cracks.

    Can you put a wrapped car through a carwash?

    Yes, you can bring your newly wrapped car to an automated brushless car wash, though we prefer to have it washed with your hands to avoid unwanted results. Brush car washes can be too harsh on the film, causing it to degrade and peel, as well as lifted edges. Most wraps should be secure if a car wash uses water spray rather than brushes.

    Does wrapping a car ruin the paint?

    No, Vehicle vinyl wrap does not ruin the paint of your car. In reality, a wrap will not only not harm the painted surface of your car, but it will also protect it and maintain the consistency of the paint underneath if the paint is factory paint.

    The vinyl serves as a protective layer over the paint, keeping it from being damaged by the elements. It may also defend against minor cuts and dings caused by rocks or debris. When properly removed, the vinyl will not leave any residue nor will it peel any paint or clear coat.

    What colors can you wrap a car?

    You have an array of options as to the colors for your car wrap. You can choose matte, satin, and gloss color change which provide sparkling colors to the quality paint job.

    Matte wrap colors include red, royal purple, blue metallic, apple green metallic, military green, and other vibrant hues.

    Satin wraps, such as white, black, pink pearl, and silver, add a touch of class to any luxury vehicle or give a more affordable vehicle a sleek new look.

    Almost any color you can imagine is available in gloss vehicle wrap shades.

    The vinyl serves as a protective layer over the paint, keeping it from being damaged by the elements. It may also defend against minor cuts and dings caused by rocks or debris. When properly removed, the vinyl will not leave any residue nor will it peel any paint or clear coat.

    Can you clear coat over a wrap?

    Many vehicle owners opt for a Ceramic coat over their car wrap to extend the life of the vinyl.

    Can you wrap a car yourself?

    You can wrap a car yourself if you have the necessary time and patience, and are willing to spend some time learning the process. Otherwise, you may hire a vehicle wrap professional, which is probably the best option for avoiding any unnecessary blunders and ensuring that your car looks truly professional.

    Does wrapping a car decrease its value?

    Putting a vinyl wrap on your car and then removing it will not lower the value of your car; in fact, a wrap may improve it because the vinyl protected your car’s factory paint from sun damage and contaminants for the entire time it was on.

    Wow long does it take to wrap a car?

    The wrap process has numerous aspects, yet it can be completed in as little as a few hours or as long as a week. For partial wraps, the application takes only a few hours, and for full wraps, it might take up to two or more days.

    Is wrap better than paint?

    While the quality of both paint and wraps varies depending on the type, vehicle wraps are generally of greater quality than paints. Vehicle wraps provide better aesthetics and protection than many paints because they don’t fade as quickly and don’t chip.

    What happens if you scratch a wrapped car?

    Most vinyl car wraps hide scratches rather well. The scratches don’t typically stand out as obvious, the way they do on paint. Of course, a lot depends on the size and depth of the scratch, as well as the type of vinyl wrap material.

    Does wrapping a ca void warranty?

    No, the paint of your car is protected with a vinyl cover, which is also detachable. However, the warranty does not cover any losses caused by faulty installation.

    Do you was a wrapped car?

    We all want our cars to look their best, but in most situations, waxing vinyl graphics is unnecessary because they look fantastic without it. While applying a protective wax finish to paint can help protect it from the elements, it doesn’t always help vinyl out. In fact, wax can harm the vinyl wrap.

    Can you buff a wrapped car?

    Buffing a car wrap surface may appear to be harmless, but it is not. One Source Media recommends not buffing a wrapped car.