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Clear bra, or paint protection film, is the answer if you want your vehicle to be protected against rock chips, road salt, bug acid, UV radiation, dirt, and debris.

The self-healing characteristics of this invisible shield applied to your vehicle’s paint prevents swirls and keeps your paint looking new.

In Queens NY, One Source Media provides the highest quality, most inexpensive vehicle paint protection film services available today. We have professional clear bra installers on staff whose goal is to give your car the best protection possible.

What is Clear Bra?

Paint protection film (PPF), or clear bra, is a translucent, strong polyurethane film that adheres to the paint of your car. It’s made to blend in with your paint finish and absorb the little abrasions that occur over time. PPF is very resistant to damage from rock chips, insects, bird droppings, and other things in the environment.

Clear bra is similar to vinyl car wrap, vehicle graphics, or ceramic coating, in that it is a film that adheres to your factory paint. It differs from vinyl wrap in the following aspects:

  • Clear bra is transparent
  • Clear bra is tougher than car wrap
  • Clear bra normally covers the front (and front-facing) sections of your vehicle, such as bumper, grille, fenders, mirrors, etc—though some people do opt to cover their entire vehicle in paint protection film because clear bra is the ultimate option for paint protection. It’s a shield that protects and preserves the value of your investment.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film (PPF)

In addition to protecting the finish and preserving its appearance, there are numerous benefits of putting clear bra paint protection on any new or used car:

  • This protection film makes car cleaning a breeze. To completely remove stains from your car, all you need is a mixture of mild detergent and water.
  • PPF is a great investment because it lasts a long time. As a result, you can save money on paint jobs.
  • You can keep the market value of your car throughout time. If you decide to sell your vehicle in the future, installing our paint protection bra could boost its value.

Considerations Before Getting a Clear Bra

When it comes to applying PPF to your car, remember the following:

  • Look for a reputed installer in Queens NY who has qualified PPF professionals. Clear bra installation is as painstaking as painting a car.
  • Stick with well-known brands like 3M, Avery Dennison, and Ceramic Pro, which offer a no-nonsense warranty.
  • Choose which parts of your car you wish to wrap with clear bra. The front and rear bumpers, hood, side mirrors, doors, and fenders are the most common spots for a clear bra. You can also choose comprehensive coverage.

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Clear Bra Near Me F.A.Q.

What is the best vehicle clear bra?

3M, Xpel, Ceramic Pro, and Avery Dennison all manufacture excellent automobile paint protection films with hydrophobic qualities to repel bug spatter and water marks, UV resistance, improved impact protection, increased durability, self-healing properties, and more. All are urethane or polyurethane films that have been specially created for automotive use.

Do modern cars need paint protection?

Modern cars, like any other vehicle, require paint protection film. PPF is meant to withstand small rocks and road debris, but vehicle paint still chips.

What is the average cost of a clear bra?

The cost of a clear bra varies based on coverage, brand used, and the installer. Most paint protection film firms charge between $600 and $1000 for a clear bra (PPF for the front of the vehicle, where the majority of the paint damage occurs), and more if the car owner wants paint protection film applied to the entire vehicle.

Is a clear bra worth it on a car?

A clear bra is the way to go when it comes to keeping your vehicle’s appearance vivid and new. Clear Bra is not only strong and long-lasting, but it also protects your hard-earned investment from scratches, dents, and dings that can lower the value of your car in the future.

How long does a clear bra last?

Paint protection film is constructed of long-lasting polyurethane and can endure for years if properly maintained. A clear bra can often be used and kept in good shape for ten years or longer.

Does removing clear bra damage paint?

Typically, removing a transparent bra from your car causes no damage. In recent years, technology has advanced to the point that films are now highly durable. Protection films are designed to last five to ten years, but it helps if the paint protection coating is done correctly.

Do clear bras turn yellow?

Clear bras from reputable brands do not yellow or harm your paint. At One Source Media, we only work with reliable clear bra makers, so you’ll never have to worry about your paint protection film turning yellow.

Can a clear bra be removed?

While its adhesive side can be difficult to remove at times, it can be readily removed with an adhesive remover. If you want to make sure the clear bra comes off easily, you need to hire experienced installers.

Can you install PPF yourself?

Yes, you might be able to install PPF yourself. But we strongly suggest that you leave it to the professionals to avoid extra stress and make sure your car gets the best care possible.

How long does it take to put a clear bra on a car?

Installation takes one to four hours, depending on how much coverage you desire. With our skilled knowledge and tools, you won’t have to do much to keep the paint protection film in good shape and it will last for a long time.

How do you take care of a clear bra?

Paint protection film is constructed of tough, long-lasting polyurethane and requires little maintenance. Regular washing and drying of the car and its clear bra is sufficient for most brands of paint protection film. Dry the clear bra with a microfiber towel, just like you do with your vehicle’s paint. Use gentle cleaning and polishing chemicals instead.

Does paint protection film hide scratches?

The adhesive, protective intermediate layer, and topcoat of the clear bra will hide many flaws and create a high level of gloss. What flaws will a clear bra cover? Swirl marks, slight oxidation, and even some thin but deep scratches have all vanished in our experience.

Does PPF prevent rock chips?

PPF is the clear-cut favorite among the many contenders for paint protection dollars and the only one that actually protects the car’s paint surface, hood, headlamps, rocker panel, or entire vehicle from road debris, rock chips, and scratches.

Can I drive after installing PPF

Juicy_pink”]Once PPF is installed, we recommend that you do not drive your car for an extended period of time. If you really must drive, be careful not to overstress the coating.