Direct to Garment

Direct-to-garment Queens NY – One Source Media

One Source Media is a top apparel print shop in the NYC metro. We use a variety of printing technologies, including direct-to-garment and screen printing services.

Direct-to-garment, or DTG, is a type of printing that sprays ink onto the garment and soaks the fibers. It’s a bit like printing onto paper…only it’s printing onto fabric instead! Our DTG printer connects to a computer where your artwork is stored. The DTG printer takes the artwork file and prints it onto your T-shirt, hoodie, or other garment!

When to choose direct-to-garment printing?

DTG printing is ideally suited to rush work. One Source Media can often deliver DTG orders on the same day we receive them! DTG is also great for small-batch orders or even T-shirt one-offs!

It’s easy to print a single T-shirt and there’s almost no set-up time. DTG printing with One Source Media does not require an upfront investment and each product is printed on demand. However, we welcome bulk direct-to-garment apparel printing orders as well if that’s what your Queens business needs!

The colorful shirt printing option

Whereas screen printing lends itself to one or two colors because of the intensive process, DTG printing can easily handle as many colors as you want to include in your image or design! This printing process gives you the greates flexibility for full-color, multicolor graphic printing projects!

DTG printing summary

  • Speedy turnaround for small-batch apparel orders 
  • Easily print many colors
  • Cost-effective for tiny batches 
  • No minimum quantity on printed apparel items
  • Highly detailed graphics possible