What is Baselayr?

by | Mar 29, 2021 | car wraps, digital printing

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Baselayr is a series of emulsions.

Emulsion is the foundation in screen printing. You need to LAY down a good BASE of emulsion to build a solid print.


Before Baselayr, ScreenPrinting.com offered more than 13 emulsions. Choosing between a ton of emulsions can be confusing. How do you pick the right one?

Baselayr makes emulsion simple. With three emulsions to choose from, screen printers can select the one that’ll work best in their shop. Each emulsion will serve different ink types, auto or manual presses, different exposure units, and printers with varying levels of screen print knowledge.

all three baselayr emulsions


Baselayr has three different emulsions — Complete, Long Lasting, and Plastisol.

Baselayr Complete is a high solids, high performance emulsion. It’s made for shops that need the most out of their emulsion. Complete works with most inks like water-based, discharge, plastisol, solvent-based, UV, and silicone.

Baselayr Plastisol is also a high performance, high solids emulsion. It’s created for shops that print with plastisol inks.

Baselayr Long Lasting is a high solids, high performance, dual cure emulsion. Are you new to screen printing? Is your darkroom not completely light-safe? Don’t have a LED exposure unit? Baselayr Long Lasting is designed for you. The emulsion will work for both plastisol and water-based inks.

The line also offers supporting chemicals like Emulsion Hardener, Emulsion Prep, and Diazo. In the future, there will also be darkroom equipment that partners perfectly with each Baselayr emulsion, stay tuned!

person coating a screen with blue emulsion


  • The high solids concentration allows for superior bridging of the mesh.
  • The emulsions hold fantastic detail and resolution.
  • All the emulsions rinse out easily and will reclaim painlessly (when properly exposed).
  • Plastisol and Complete emulsions have faster exposure times.

Using a new emulsion will require you to dial in your new exposure times optimized for your darkroom. But don’t sweat it, each Baselayr emulsion has recommended times listed on each product page that take into consideration different mesh counts and exposure units. Get a jump start testing with these times to dial in your process even faster, and elevate your darkroom today!

Everything starts and ends in your darkroom. Cut out the confusion and start building a solid print foundation with Baselayr. Emulsion made simple.

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