Car Wrap Design: Simple or Complex?

by | Jul 26, 2021 | car wraps, digital printing

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For many, car wrap design is an artistic and free aspect of vehicle wrapping that doesn’t have rules or requirements. But, in reality, good vehicle graphics is based on a set of principles that you need to follow to get your message across.

According to these principles, a good design should be:

  • Useful
  • Aesthetic
  • Honest
  • Understandable
  • Innovative
  • Thorough
  • And use as little design as possible

Keeping these principles in mind as you design your vehicle wraps goes a long way in ensuring your mobile billboard is eye-catching and memorable.

How Much is Too Much

One principle that most businesses struggle to put into practice is using as little design as possible. This is because in the current age of the internet and social media, doing the most is encouraged to attract as many prospects as possible.

Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t work in car wrap advertising for many reasons. These include:

1. Lack of Comprehension

Remember, your vehicle will be in motion often, so you will want to keep your messaging short and images few to ensure viewers can see them clearly even from a distance. Including too much text only makes it difficult for people to read and understand your message.

2. No Focus Point

When your car wrap design is too busy, your target audience won’t know what to concentrate on or what’s important. This means you can’t capture their attention and persuade them to take action.

3. Missing Your Brand’s Identity

It’s easy to miss your brand’s identity with a complex vehicle wrap design. From including too many colors to using loud and overlapping patterns, your brand’s logo or company’s signature color might get lost in the mix.

Don’t make the mistake of not letting people know who you are. You’re better off limiting your design to the most critical details such as your brand name, CTA, tag line, contact information, and locations served.

Additionally, ensure the images, color scheme, and patterns used are in line with your brand’s image so that viewers can recognize your business easily in public.

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