The What, When and Where of Car, Van or Truck Wraps

by | Aug 2, 2021 | car wraps, digital printing

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You are thinking about how to make the best of this terrific promotional device. Considering the what, when, and where, of vehicle wrap advertising can provide many of the answers. What do you wish to say? If you’re not sure yet, you can contact One Source Media—the premier Queens vinyl sign shop—and our professional team can discuss and collaborate with you on your vehicle advertising needs.

What Do You Wish to Say?

You are looking for a sharp and pertinent promotional message. It should be one that will stick in the minds of your potential customers. Not all responses are instant. Remembering what you have said when it becomes pertinent is vital. Therefore, another benefit of vehicle vinyl wraps is the frequency with which they can be seen.

When Do You Wish Your Message to be Relevant?

This follows on from the previous point. But, as well as the timing of the message being vital, other aspects might also be valuable. The hours when your service is available could be a key business-gainer. 24/7/365 is a prime example for emergency or repair businesses. Seven-days-a-week might persuade customers to use a specific delivery service.

If your hours of business, or speed of response, are important, vehicle wrap advertising regularly reminds the public of this.

Where Do You Wish Your Message to be Seen?

Bus wrap advertising might cover specific areas where your business is located or customers live or work. Equally, if you provide a city or statewide service, then your trucks or vans can be noticed as they move about different locations. Even being noticed in specific suburbs or districts can highlight your availability in a very local area.

A Fourth Question: Which Design Would Work Best?

You might have a clear message and wonder how best to present it. Or you might be seeking ideas and designs to best promote your company. Either way, our experienced team, here at One Source Media, is always happy to help. We work with both full or partial wraps, and with individual vehicles up to complete fleets.

Our clients operate throughout NYC and surrounding counties, and often our messages reach much further across the state – and even the nation. That’s a great benefit of vehicle wraps: wherever you are your promotional message goes with you.

And, of course, it’s such an economical way to deliver the level of promotional reach that you’d wish!

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