Four Ways a Car Wrap is Better Than a Paint Job

by | Aug 9, 2021 | car wraps, digital printing

Syndicated by One Source Media, Queens, New York

When you are ready to promote your business on your vehicles, a key decision needs to be made: should you go for a paint job or is a vehicle wrap the better choice? Obviously, we are going to say the latter! Here’s why…

It’s Quicker

Whether you have a single car or a complete fleet of trucks, should you opt for a paint job, a lot of profitable time on the road might be lost.

Unless yours is a never-changing message, it’s likely you’ll want to amend or update your advertising or branding from time to time too. Vehicle wraps can be designed and created first and then simply added to your bus, car, van or truck. Think how much longer it would take to fully repaint any vehicle!

It Protects Your Paintwork

Paint jobs can actually lead to a depreciation in the value of your fleet. Equally, tiny scrapes and marks can impact the appearance of your vehicles.

With car or other vehicle wraps, the original paintwork has the opportunity to remain free from chips, scratches and other such minor damage.

You’re Saving Someone From an Unwanted Job!

Do any of your team – or yourself – enjoy waxing a vehicle? Sure, the end results can be impressive, but it takes up valuable time and effort. When you choose to have a vehicle wrap installed, just a quick wipe over with a cloth will remove any dirt that appears. Think of all the spare time you’ll have to make sales, undertake jobs for clients, or complete those important deliveries!

You Can Make Last Minute Changes

Before anything is added to your vehicle, our talented car wraps team will provide you with a 3D rendering of your finished design. This gives you the chance to make final revisions to the printed vinyl before it touches your vehicle.

Would you like to promote your business across NYC with a vehicle wrap? Discuss your ideas with the experts at One Source Media now.

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