How Durable is Your Advertising?

by | Dec 6, 2021 | car wraps, digital printing

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The dictionary definition for ‘durable’ tells us that it’s ‘the ability of a physical product to remain functional’. Let’s run with that and see how it applies to various forms of advertising or promotion.

Durable – or not?

Print advertising has limited durability. People either notice it as they look through a newspaper or magazine, or they don’t. They are unlikely to return to these pages, so the opportunity to persuade or inform can be lost. The same holds true for flyers, mailshots, and posters.

Ads on TV or radio might also be missed. While they are shown on more than one occasion, opportunities can easily slip by. A good example is viewers recording a program and then fast-forwarding through the ads when they do watch it.

Vehicle Wraps – Both Durable and Enduring

If you are looking for advertising that lasts, then fleet graphics, truck wraps, or van wraps are a proven winner. We use vehicle wrapping materials which not only promote your business but also protect the paintwork of the vehicle in question. This means that you can avoid the chips or minor abrasions which can otherwise cause damage to your vehicles.

Vehicle wraps or custom vehicle graphics are a truly enduring form of advertising for your business or organization. They last until you decide to change them. And, of course, there is then no need for an expensive and time-consuming vehicle repaint. Our experts can remove your current wrap and quickly replace it with your new choice.

The message you present on your wrap can be seen on multiple occasions by your potential customers. It’s a form of promotion that is as widespread or closely targeted as you want it to be. This is because your promotional message is present wherever you are operating. This might be in certain NYC suburbs, or it could be state or even nationwide. Whether parked up or on the move, your vehicle wraps are often in the eye-line of those you want to see them.

Considering Vehicle Wraps?

Our team of experts, here at One Source Media, are happy to answer any questions about vehicle wraps, listen to your needs, and suggest how we might help. This is all obligation-free, of course.

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