Never Had a Vehicle Wrap Before? 4 Common Questions Answered

by | Dec 14, 2021 | car wraps, digital printing

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Apart from repeat business, many clients approach us having never before used car, truck, van or other vehicle wraps to promote their businesses. Some are just starting out on their own; others have used traditional paint jobs in the past. The latter group often comments on how expensive and time-consuming that process is, especially when they wish to change existing designs.

When potential vehicle wraps users approach us, they often have some key questions to be answered. Here are four that we’re most often asked…

Is it just a case of adding a logo to my vehicle?

There is a lot more to effective vehicle wraps than that. Our experts start by fully understanding the range of vehicles you wish to have wrapped. Our long experience has taught us what works best for different sizes or shapes. An extensive range of design templates are used to help guide potential clients, showing how any design could appear on their vehicles.

Must I know the design I’m using?

Some clients come to us with a clear vehicle graphics design in mind. Of course, we will discuss with them how effectively this would appear on their wrapped vehicles. Equally, many potential users are delighted to discover that our talented graphic artists can take their thoughts and ideas and deliver possible solutions.

We take the time to find out about your business, and the areas you want to promote – whether on a single vehicle or a fleet. Our experts always pay close attention to matching the color palette you use on other promotional and business materials. Businesses appreciate the consistency of impression we offer.

Can I see what the finished design will actually look like?

Our team is happy to provide previews of finished designs and work with any feedback you provide. You have the chance to review finished proofs or mock-ups before we send your vehicle wraps into the printing process.

What if I later want to change the design?

This is the brilliant thing about vehicle wraps compared to paint jobs. The wrap is removed, the replacement is put in place, and you’re good to go!

Any other questions?

We’ll be happy to answer them! Or to fully discuss using vehicle wraps, our team is always ready to hold an obligation-free conversation.

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